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Results and Testimonials

When I first spoke with David I was a little skeptic about how low my monthly payments could be if I enroll on their student loan program: it was too good to be true. However, as time progressed and I started receiving letters from the consolidation process I realized that it was a reality. I am married and I have a decent salary but there is no way in this world I could’ve afforded $1,800 of monthly payments. David and his team brought my payment to $148 per month. Instead of paying my loan twice over, I will pay about $35,000 back on a quarter million dollar student loan. I know this is definitely a blessing from God but I also know that David and his team was the instrument that facilitated everything. Thank you David for changing our lives!

– Adley, Florida

Carol and I were duly impressed with your knowledge and professionalism.
We look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.

– Paul, New York

Dear Mali,
I called you today. I received the letters from the Department of Education saying congratulations. As stated by David DePaul I have a payment choice of around 130 dollars or 150 some. Until I am able to file my taxes money is very tight!! So I need to start on the lower amount. I am very happy to see this come through. I need to know when it will be safe to file my tax return that I originally discussed with David. I had to file an extension until this was completed so it wouldn’t be taken. Thank you and David so much for helping me get my life back together again.

– Terry, Florida

To Whom it May Concern,
Before I enrolled with Krasker Law Student Loans I had 12 loans with 2 different lenders, totaling $63,912 in student loans. My lenders wanted me to make two payments per month at $582.56 for about 25 years where I would have ended up paying almost $175,000, almost 3 times what I owe!  I tried to get help with my lenders, and all they were able to offer me was a lower, interest only payment which felt like it would have been for life. Three months after signing up with Krasker Law Student Loans, the Department of Education paid off my 12 loans in full and gave me one new loan and one affordable consolidated payment of under $50/month.  I am only projected to pay back $11,040 and have the rest of my student loan balance forgiven!  The firm was also able to help put my unaffordable $582.56/month payments to my lenders on hold for 3 months while I waited for the approval that I just got in the mail!  This is projected to save me almost $200,000 in principal and interest.  Thank-you for all of your help thus far, I definitely recommend your firm to anyone who has student loans!

– Janine, Florida

Dear David,
I was very impressed with you and Kelly last night!

Sometimes in life there are people that go out of the way to help a fellow human being!  I feel that God has blessed me by meeting you! I truly look forward to working with you and your firm!

– William, Florida

I owed $52,000 and my payments where $400 monthly. After your assistance, my monthly payment is $36 and you made the process very easy. I want to thank you and Mali for all your help and your continuous help.”

Thank you

– Anthony, Florida

I had no idea these Student Loan Forgiveness Programs could be easy. It was only easy because of the incredible service that David DePaul and his team provided.

My deferment/forbearance on my student loans were coming to an end. As a single parent and having only one income to depend on, I knew there was no way I could afford to make the payments. I had heard about the Student Loan Forgiveness programs but was very skeptical. I placed a call to David DePaul and his team and they explained the programs and how I could possibly benefit from them. Every single question I raised was answered promptly and professionally. Along each step of the process they reassured me of any doubts I had.

My Student Loan payments are now a fraction of what they originally were scheduled to be. I am so thankful for David and his team for holding my hand through this entire process and walking with me every step of the way. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

– Bridget, Florida

My father was at the end of a consolidation loan with Krasker Law when an email was sent to him that was promoting student loan consolidation through federal government programs. He immediately thought of me and forwarded me the email.
I am a single mom with two children. One of my children has severe disabilities and I am not able to work full time as he needs my care. I had also come to the end of any ability to ask for any further deferments or forbearance. I had been granted them before while I was going through chemotherapy, radiation and multiple surgeries to battle breast cancer. I was paying about $300 a month which is an entire weeks pay.
I spoke to David on the phone and I was instantly impressed with how knowledgeable he was with my situation and how to make it better. We worked together very well and the processes was virtually painless. My payments went down to under $30 a month and I could breathe again. He handed my case off to Mali who was just as capable and easy to deal with. I’m looking forward to getting through all of my student loan debt with their guidance.

– Raquel, Massachusetts

I was facing a very high payment of $600+ a month and was about to go in default on my student loans. I attended a seminar Krasker Law provided at the Chamber of Commerce and was amazed at what they could do. I was a little nervous at first to go with them, because you always here, “if it’s too good to be true, it’s usually a scam!” especially in this day and age, scams are everywhere and you have to be careful. I met with David DePaul and provided him all my info. I just found out that I qualified for the “Pay as you Earn Forgiveness Plan” after a government consolidation and now my monthly payments are reduced to $68 a month and will be paying less than half of what I owe on the total loan. They are just amazing. Thank you!

– Melanie, Florida

Thanks so much again! You have made this process MUCH less stressful. I am so happy to have made this change in my loans, it is going to make such a big difference in my finances! 🙂

– Jess, Missouri

I do want to thank David DePaul and Mali Martinez for their outstanding work!!!! I was in a very difficult situation and I felt the world was caving in on me. They differently came to my assistance to dig me out of this deep hole. Not only did they get me back on my feet again but they were able to correct a few issues and improved my credit score. The most Important thing is they cleared up my student loan issues and I am very happy to say that I am going back to college to become an optician. This gives me new hope for my future. I am proud of these two great professionals who brought a new bright light to my life. They are amazing and I would do anything for them as well as thanking Paul A. Krasker P.A. for having them on his staff. I also want to drop a thank you to Lisa Williams for referring me to David.

– Terri, Florida

David, thank you for all that you have done for my son. The pdf I am sending you is for my friend who is a doctor. Can you tell me what can be done for him?

– Greg, Florida

What a team David DePaul and Mali Martinez make! Thank you so much for the clarity and the easiness you brought to such a confusing and unresolvable (for me) issue as getting my Student Loans under control. My credit was being ruined by this constant trading of my student loan collections back and forth to what appeared a never ending collection scenario with no expiration date. I could not get credit, I could not get good interest rates, and I was settling for not what I needed – but what I could get. With their help in a couple of months I had more than a 90% reduction in my payment, wiping out years of collections and a much cleaner looking credit history. My credit score took an 80 point jump the first month!!! I did not even know that I was headed towards garnishment until David pointed it out. Two great professionals, thank you Paul A. Krasker P.A. for introducing me to David and subsequently Mali.

– Julio, Florida

I could not be more grateful to Krasker Law Student Loans for all of their help in consolidating my student loans from law school. Within a couple of months the Krasker team had completed all of my paperwork with the Department of Education and had the entire balance of my $95,000 loans paid off. Besides saving me over one hundred thousand dollars in principal and interest, they were able to secure me a ZERO DOLLAR MONTHLY PAYMENT in a forgiveness countdown. Every person I spoke to was kind and patient as they explained my options and gave me their recommendations. Finally, they have maintained constant contact over the past several months updating me on my case and answering my questions. I would recommend them to anyone.

– Heather, D.C.

I wanted to say thank-you to Mali and David for all of their help with my student loan debt. Not only did they get my federal loans from $500/month down to $0.00/month and on track to have my balance of $50,000 forgiven, but they are also helping me refinance my $80,000 in private student loans which is my main concern. Now I pay $0.00 on my federal and will have a much lower refinanced payment on my private loans with an end in sight. David was also able to help freeze my federal and private loan payments during this process which really helped as well. This has been a huge weight off of my shoulders and I have been incredibly happy since this firm have taken control of my student loans.

– Mark, Pennsylvania

I had 4 different loans consolidated with Sallie Mae. They totaled roughly $20,000. Sallie Mae wanted me to make a monthly payment I could barely afford. I tried to talk to them about getting a lower payment and all I could get was a forbearance once every 3 months. A couple of months after I signed up with Krasker Law Student Loans the Department of Education paid off my 4 loans in full and gave me a new and VERY affordable payment of $0/month 😉 After a scheduled amount of payments, the amount of my student loans will be 100% completely forgiven. Thank you Krasker Law for all your help and understanding. I will definitely recommend your firm to anyone with student loan debt!

– Nicole, Texas

The stress was eating me alive. Graduate school was one of the smartest choices and best experiences of my life, but looking at my monthly student loan payments after graduation was daunting, and I was one of the lucky ones! I had been recruited right after graduation for a great job overseas, yet more than half of my paycheck was going to in my monthly payments. I was also on track to pay back 2 or even 3 times more than I originally borrowed. My legal assistant Mali Martinez was able get all of my loans approved for the consolidation program. I also got approved for the forgiveness countdown loan and have a ZERO dollar payment! It’s crazy to think that just a few months ago I was spending almost every dollar I made on a high payment and an enormous payoff amount. Now I have NO payments and a lot of projected loan forgiveness. Not only that, but this even improved my credit score. My stress level has decreased and I can finally focus on having a profitable career, in a field I love, and start saving for my future.

Thank you again to Mali, David and all the staff at Krasker Law Student Loans. I know my loans are in good and reliable hands. All of you have had the highest level of professionalism and initiative available, something I highly appreciate as a young professional.

– Marian, Florida

Prior to working with Krasker Law Student Loans I had roughly 15 loans, subsidized and unsubsidized, totaling $69,190. These loans were continuing to grow daily as the interest was piling on them. The reality of the payoff amount set in when I received my first payment from my lender of $794 per month for 30 years, which is over ¼ million dollars I would have paid back. With just accepting my first big time position with ESPN, I knew there was no way I could afford this monthly payment.. unless I lived out of my car and ate ramen noodles of course. To be honest, I was a little skeptical of this new student loan forgiveness process, but at this point I did not have a choice. I spoke with a friend who mentioned how great her experience with Krasker Law Student Loans was, so I decided to give them a call. After talking with them and having them break down the numbers for me it was a no brainer to move forward with their company. At the end of this process, they will have saved me over $160,000. The best part is that I have a $0/month payment for my first year, which technically is still a payment and the best payment at that! I am looking at paying a fraction of my balance and have the rest of it forgiven. The process of working with David and Mali has been a breeze. They have taken very good care of me and are always quick to answer any question that I have, no matter how small. I highly recommend your firm to anyone who has student loan debt!

– Brittany, Florida

I had several student loans with a balance in excess of $95,000. For the past two years, I was enrolled in a repayment program through my lender, which didn’t make a dent towards the principal. With my current income status, I didn’t think that I would ever be able to make any headway. Fortunately, I tuned in to Florida Talk Radio one Saturday morning when the student loan forgiveness program was being discussed. After calling in to the program to obtain more information, I was referred to contact The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker for assistance.

David DePaul and Mali Martinez are Gems!! They educated me about the program, walked with me through every step of the consolidation process, answered all of my questions, supported me and followed up in a timely manner. Thanks to their assistance, I am looking at a payment of $0.00 per month and I’m on track to having my balance forgiven. I am VERY GRATEFUL AND APPRECIATIVE!

– Regine, Florida

Thanks for everything you, Mali, and the rest of your team have done for me!

– Nicole, Florida

I see the complexity and it is UNREAL how many steps are involved. So glad I called you guys! I just started a new job and haven’t had much time to really talk to people about my positive experience with Krasker Law, but I will definitely work on some referrals after the holidays. Thanks again for all of your help getting this approved!

– Lindsey, Florida

I am a doctor in my 40’s and a very good one. I had a great education and it was well worth the price I paid for the college and the courses. It meant I could care for people and relieve them of needless pain and suffering. This is something I love to do and where I feel I have a calling. I was doing what I loved best, when to my own surprise, my world started to fall apart. I found it harder and harder to work my full schedule because of illness related limitations of my own. When the recession hit, it became more difficult to make financial ends meet. My college debt, which I was paying as faithfully as I could, was soaring. It almost seemed that if I had to miss a payment to take care of an emergency, the interest just kept increasing, making it harder and harder to catch up. The collections calls were constant, the threats to the small amount of financial security I did have, and even threats to take my future minimal nest egg from social security retirement, were really beginning to depress me and making it harder and harder to get back on my feet. I felt there was nothing I could ever do to make it better. I was past due, in default, and already consolidated. Several student loan debt places told me that they could not help. After working with Krasker Law they re-modified my loan, brought me current, helped reduce and manage my college debt, until I could re-establish myself. Now I am a new person. I have started full time practicing again and my patients are happier and in better health. I owe a debt of gratitude to Krasker Law. I wouldn’t be in this position if I wasn’t luckily referred to this incredible Law Firm that helps with student loan debt. I look forward to getting financially sound again and being able to pay my debt at a reasonable rate as my income returns.

– Anonymous

Thanks so much!! So happy to have this settled. I will set up direct payments today.
You guys have been wonderful. This is a great service!

– Rachel, Alabama

Awesome Thanks Dave! So happy I finally decided to pick up the phone and call you guys! Really appreciated the help so far.

– Marcus, Pennsylvania

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