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The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker has been assisting people with almost all of their financial difficulties for years, but what about Student Loan Debt?  There were no options to assist student loan borrowers, or very few … until now.  Student Loans are now the largest type of debt in the United States, with over 1 trillion dollars in debt.  The average balance that a student leaves college with is approximately $32,000, which comes along with a $320 monthly payment.  This high payment is due regardless of the borrower’s financial situation, and if it isn’t paid can result in tax and wage garnishment.  This limits the student from returning to college, qualifying for a mortgage or a car, or even just the ability for them to get ahead financially.  This has been hurting the economy as a whole, and a lot of borrowers have already drastically hurt their credit score.  Imagine the student that graduates with $110,000 in student loan debt and is expected to pay over a thousand dollars per month…but they are only working part-time, or working full-time but have a family to support. Even if everyone was able to afford these payments, the term can sometimes have them end up paying two or even three times more than they borrowed.  The amount of student loans that were originally borrowed by the student is significantly different from the amount that student is expected to (and often will end up) paying in the long run. Student Loans can very rarely be included in a bankruptcy, and were unable to be modified in the past, until recently.  The Department of Education has passed new laws which were designed to help student loan borrowers find a way to get their student loan debt paid off, and with time forgiven.  A lot of these programs are based off of income and family size, and there are added benefits for newer loan borrowers as well as public service workers.  Simply put, for qualifying student loan borrowers – the Department of Education pays off the lenders in full and gives the student loan borrower a new loan that comes along with a new payment as well as a new term.  This allows the borrower to pay what they can afford to pay.  After a certain amount of payments made, the balance of their new loan can be forgiven.  These programs are not being well marketed, nor made easy … which is where the Student Loan Division of the Law Office of Paul A. Krasker steps in.  Krasker Law Student Loans is trained to assist with the document preparation, consulting, negotiating, and tracking provisions required by these new government programs.  Krasker Law Student Loans can step in to assist with lowering the payments and getting the student an end-in-sight with their student loan balance.  Krasker Law Student Loans has a toll-free hotline available for student loan borrowers who would like a free consultation at 855-379-3999 or you can request some information on by clicking on “Get Started Now.”

Managing student loan debt new focus for West Palm Beach lawyer

Attorney Paul Krasker helps clients modify home mortgages or work out foreclosure lawsuits. During the past few years, Krasker began noticing a common theme: Many clients were saddled with enormous amounts of student loan debt, too.
“We realized that even if we got a great modification, they’re still going to be hurting and in financial distress,” Krasker said.

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