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Janine Inkell, an employee of The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, was facing a huge obstacle in her life.  She recently graduated from college with a $60,000 student loan bill, and a $600 dollar payment coming soon!  Janine is married with 3 kids, and didn’t know how she was going to be able to afford the payment, or even worse … have her tax returns seized and wages garnished from missing the payments.  Lucky for Janine and her family, she was able to turn to her own employer for help.  Krasker Law Student Loans was able to get her $60,000 in student loans consolidated through the Department of Education’s Pay-as-you-Earn forgiveness loan.  This allowed the Department of Education to pay off her entire balance of $60,000 that she had with Sallie Mae (in full) and issued her a new loan for the same balance.  Now, Janine has one simple payment of $0.00/month to the Department of Education.  After 240 qualifying monthly payments, any remaining balance that is still owed – will be forgiven.  Janine’s new loan payments will remain based off of 10% of her Adjusted Gross Income, also taking into consideration her Family Size and state residence (re-calculated each year) until she has the remaining balance forgiven. Since she has received the assistance, Janine has referred several of her friends and family members that also have student loan debt. So far, 3 out of Janine’s several referrals qualified for a government program and have signed up with Krasker Law as well. Janine says that one of her close friends went through Krasker Law and was approved for a 10 year Public Service Loan Forgiveness program because of her field of work.  Krasker Law Student Loans has a toll-free hotline available for student loan borrowers who would like a free consultation at 855-379-3999 or you can request some information on by clicking on “Get Started Now.”

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